brendaBrenda Sedore was born in Santa Rosa, California, and has spent most of her life in Western Canada. She began writing as a teenager, and began her first novel in her early twenties while she raised four children.

Supporting other writers is important to Brenda. During her time as the President of the Interior Author’s Group in Western Canada, she helped many other writers find their path toward publication.

Brenda is a self-taught artist specializing in realistic watercolour paintings.

Brenda Sedore is an avid linguistics student. Along with English, she knows Sign Language, speaks Italian, some Spanish, and some Greek.

Brenda lives with her husband best-selling author, Jonas Saul, their daughter, and their beautiful Siamese cat, Kiki, a rescue from Italy.

Brenda and Jonas have traveled Europe extensively to research their novels. They lived for several months in Denmark, Italy, and Greece, and have traveled to many other countries, including Hungary, The Netherlands, and Sweden. Brenda has enjoyed exploring many new places which she incorporates as settings in her books.

Brenda is represented by the Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Agency.