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Waiting to Live

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I read a quote this morning and it hit me in the forehead.

“Funny thing is most people spend the first part of their lives waiting to live and then just hang around waiting to die.” ~ Caz of YTravel Blog

With this trip I realize that I am finally deciding to live. I’ve spent most of my life waiting around to live. There has been too much of “When I finally get to do that I’ll be so happy…” Well, no more. It’s time to make my dreams a reality no matter how hard the journey. I refuse to get to the point of my life where I can no longer do the things I’ve dreamed of and then I just wait to die. I will have wasted my life.

As Jonas and I have gotten more and more excited about our trip we’ve talked to a few people who know about it (as I haven’t yet given my notice at work), and I’m surprised by the comments. Every single one of them have things they’d like to do one day, but most of them aren’t yet doing anything to forward their dream. It makes me wonder why.

Most of us are too accepting of our circumstances. We see no way to reach the goal in our present situation, so we don’t try. We feel that one day our circumstances might change, and then we’ll get there. I’m speaking from experience. What people don’t realize is when you put your efforts out there and start trying to reach your goal despite having no idea how it will happen, the “how” will begin to reveal itself. You will be surprised, as I was, by the amazing things that start to show up!

I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs lately. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the content. I’ve found a group of people who have the same goals and philosophies I’ve always had. They are people who refused to settle for the everyday life and went after excitement and adventure as a way of life. They didn’t accept society’s rules and standards, but rather are making their own rules. Not all of these bloggers are twenty-something either. Quite a few are middle-aged like my husband and I. They tried the job/house/car life and it left them empty as it did us. So, it’s time to try something new on for size.

So what about you? Are you still waiting to live? Or are you ready to start living now? It doesn’t mean you have to go off on a mad quest to find life. It means evaluation. Are you living the life you’ve always wanted to, or are some changes needed? I’m making changes and I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me. I’ll take the good, the bad, and even the ugly. At least I’ll always know I didn’t wait for something to show up. I went out and found it.

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