Transport and Accommodation


While it is true that there are very many things to be considered while travelling from one place to the other (especially across countries), one still has to place the first things, first; the second, second; and the last in its due place. It is called priority. While travelling, the most important thing to be put in place before others follow, is accommodation. Accommodation should be the utmost concern of every traveler, whether looking for some place to pitch a tent or a comfortable suite in a fancy resort. Booking accommodation, considering the vast array of accommodation options, and dealing with alternative lodging options are all issues that travelers face.

Finding accommodation can be the crux of the most frustrating aspects of planning your travels. There are two ways to solve the accommodation problem; viz, booking in advance or finding a place on the day.

Booking in advance

Booking in advance gives the traveler solace that they will have somewhere to sleep once they get to their destination. It is also a swell idea while travelling to a renowned tourist destination.

This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Over the internet
  • Through a travel agent
  • Over the telephone

Nonetheless, hotel managers have to fill beds so it’s not uncommon for travelers after booking a room, specifically at the lower end of the cost scale, to arrive (at their destination) to find that it has been resold.

Finding a place on the day

Sometimes finding accommodation when you arrive at your destination is the better option i.e to plan your trip yourself, which means you have not decided to use a package from a travel agent. If you have not made reservations in advance, this should be your major concern after arriving. The cheapest hotels have a tendency of getting filled up most early, and looking for a place to sleep as night falls can be dangerous. Do not count on finding “on-the-spot accommodation” option during really busy travel seasons (e.g. international sporting events, international trade fairs, Christmas holidays.)

It is sometimes frustrating to read a guidebook and look for the listed recommendations trying to figure out an unfamiliar map having just travelled for several hours. Walk around and inquire at the first few places you see.