Getting a Bathroom For You!

You have a bathroom.


Of course, your home has a bathroom. It’s one of those things that is a biological necessity, and even the lowest of the low-end places will have something resembling a bathroom available. If not, you’ll want to look elsewhere, because a hole in the ground just will not do.


However, if you own your own home and are looking to make it feel “yours,” you’re probably thinking of remodelling the place. You could leave your bathroom out of it, but why? It’s just as personal space as the bedroom and deserves to have a little attention given to it.


So with that in mind, how do you make your bathroom feel like it’s yours and not some generic white-tile affair that’s typical in every new home?


Take a moment and consider the space first. This is crucial before you go into any extravagant plans.


You need to consider something like how space will be used. Is it going to be yours or for parents, or will children and toddlers be included? How many people do you want it to accommodate at once? What storage do you want? Will it just be for cleaning, or do you plan to do make-up in there?


Once you have answers to the above, you can customise. One way to do it is to alter the colour scheme.


Yes, you’ll probably get a white-tile, primary-colours affair at first. Consider changing that so it reflects what you like, or what the colours of the rest of the home are like. A different colour scheme can do wonders for personalising the space, even if you decide to keep the same layout.


If you want to go a step further, consider installing a theme.


Note that going with a theme can be more expensive, especially if you want everything to play within that theme. Think of things like “rustic outdoors” or “smooth curves and minimalist design.” Not just the walls, but everything will play into it.


You’d need to re-paint or even re-do the walls and flooring. You’ll have to pick materials for cabinets and amenities that match. It’d look out of place to have a white toilet bowl in a rustic bathroom that’s almost entirely faux-wood, wouldn’t it?


Think about the style and size of the cabinet. A large cabinet can have an impact beyond its function, just as a smaller one would.


There’s also the little things that you have to consider.


What form and shape do things like onboard storage take? Do you want the shower to be walk-in or its enclosure? Are you the sort that likes to have water-proof stickers, adding a little accent to the look?


Finally, have you thought about lighting at all?


Sure, you can keep the light as it is now. You can also take a moment and change it, whether to suit your new theme or to add a personal touch. I’ve seen someone attempt to achieve a disco ball effect, since their bathroom wasn’t a vanity, for instance.


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