A Culmination

It’s a beautiful, sunny day here, and I’m sitting at a local café having a tea and a scone with my husband while writing this post. It’s the day after we finally realized our goal we set out to accomplish over five years ago. One day I’m going to write about the journey in a book. It’s been an incredible ride.

Five years ago we were trying to decide what would come next. We’d gotten married recently and were at a crossroads in our life. We had gone through some very trying times and as a result, we had little income and not many prospects. We’d met at a writer’s conference several years before and we both had a dream of becoming authors. Having to work full-time, however, didn’t leave a lot of time for creativity, especially working as an accountant. I was always quite exhausted when I got home.

We discussed many options and Jonas came up with his best idea yet. If you know him at all, you know he’s a guy of great ideas. Sarah Roberts anyone? He suggested that I work for a year (This because I had better prospects to get a job that would support us as he’d always worked for himself) and he would stay home to write. His vow to me was that at the end of that year I would never have to work again. That was the beginning of our crazy journey.

I finished work in April of 2011 and soon after we got on a plane headed to Europe. We spent the first year or so house-sitting in order to keep our expenses low. The rest of the time we wrote. Well, we did some touring, too, but that was in our downtime, which we didn’t have much of. We soon released Sarah Roberts book after book and before long I had three novels for sale as well.

By the next year, we were making enough money from our books to come home to Western Australia. We stayed six months and got itchy feet again. We had discovered a love of travel. After being in Italy for a few months and working on getting a visa to stay permanently, Jonas got an email from a Hollywood studio. It’s been almost three years of going back and forth pitching multiple different studios, but yesterday we finally got an offer on the table. And a good one. A very good one.

Through all the travel and even hard times of having not much money, we believed this day would come. I’ve always believed that Jonas had it in him to be a big name in the publishing world. It’s so great to be proven right, isn’t it? So, lots more things to come. This offer is just the beginning of that snowball that’s already picking up speed. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

For now, though, we are heading back to Greece. We have fallen in love with the Greeks and their lovely country and want to make our home there. Off to a new adventure!