Authors, Limos, and Promotional Events

When you’re an author, you tend to be a little detached.

There’s always this gap between you and the reader, a distance that is both metaphorical and physical. It’s why there are some who think your view and interpretation is all that matters, and others believe the author’s perspective ceases to matter once it’s in the hands of the audience.


However, sometimes this isn’t the case. When you go to places like book signings or to events where people can ask you questions, some of that gap closes. You can be coy. You can lie. However, most of the time, you just want to give the right impression and answer as honestly as you can.


Depending on the book and whatever image of you the publisher wants to project, that can mean different things.


Obviously, if you’ve written a story about how to become rich and financially successful, you’ll want to splurge a little. Or you’ll want to talk your publisher into spending a little.


That could mean calling to make sure you get to your book signing or event in style. Another possibility is to hold the whole thing not in some random bookstore, but in an upscale place.


If you’ve written a steamy romance novel, then things change appropriately. You’re going to want to sell the fairy tale of it, and there’s less money involved. For example, you could end up reading a sample chapter of it in a library.


These days, you might be asked to promote the book through an AMA – that’s “ask me anything,” for those of you who aren’t updated on the internet terms. It’s when you go to a website or a live panel and take questions as they come, answering them however you feel like.


Personally, I think these are great ideas. They’re all excellent ways to promote a book, get the word out that it exists. It’s also a method for interacting with your readers.


Of course, there’s nothing in the world requiring you to do this. Sometimes, you don’t want the posh limo to take you to a promotional event. Sometimes, you just want to sit at home, relax, and let the world talk about your book without your input.


Then there are the folks like Neil Gaiman. He’s known for showing up in random bookstores, looking for copies of his books, and signing them. Personally, apart from this, I think he’s a recluse, but it just adds to his mystique.

Transport and Accommodation


While it is true that there are very many things to be considered while travelling from one place to the other (especially across countries), one still has to place the first things, first; the second, second; and the last in its due place. It is called priority. While travelling, the most important thing to be put in place before others follow, is accommodation. Accommodation should be the utmost concern of every traveler, whether looking for some place to pitch a tent or a comfortable suite in a fancy resort. Booking accommodation, considering the vast array of accommodation options, and dealing with alternative lodging options are all issues that travelers face.

Finding accommodation can be the crux of the most frustrating aspects of planning your travels. There are two ways to solve the accommodation problem; viz, booking in advance or finding a place on the day.

Booking in advance

Booking in advance gives the traveler solace that they will have somewhere to sleep once they get to their destination. It is also a swell idea while travelling to a renowned tourist destination.

This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Over the internet
  • Through a travel agent
  • Over the telephone

Nonetheless, hotel managers have to fill beds so it’s not uncommon for travelers after booking a room, specifically at the lower end of the cost scale, to arrive (at their destination) to find that it has been resold.

Finding a place on the day

Sometimes finding accommodation when you arrive at your destination is the better option i.e to plan your trip yourself, which means you have not decided to use a package from a travel agent. If you have not made reservations in advance, this should be your major concern after arriving. The cheapest hotels have a tendency of getting filled up most early, and looking for a place to sleep as night falls can be dangerous. Do not count on finding “on-the-spot accommodation” option during really busy travel seasons (e.g. international sporting events, international trade fairs, Christmas holidays.)

It is sometimes frustrating to read a guidebook and look for the listed recommendations trying to figure out an unfamiliar map having just travelled for several hours. Walk around and inquire at the first few places you see.


Why You Should Buy Original Art Online

There are many ways to which a person may purchase original artworks. Original arts are quite costly. This is the reason why one should be careful not to purchase counterfeit arts. There have been many cases where a person ends up purchasing fake or duplicate arts.


Most people tend to purchase artworks directly by visiting the artist or any legalised agents. This is simply because they will have a clear view of the art before determining to purchase it. However, this process can be quite tiresome and irksome, sometimes, because a person needs to move around looking at different arts.


Why online?


As we all know, the business world is moving its gears to digital. This is one reason why different business sectors are establishing online platforms to carry on their various businesses. Here are some reasons why you should acquire your original arts online:


  • Convenient- Through the organization of online platforms, a person doesn’t have to visit art galleries or auctioneers stalls to purchase his/her desire. Through online portals, a person gains access to the selected art, have a perfect look at the original art and purchases it while in his comfort zone.


  • Accessible anytime- All online portals can be easily accessed anytime, whether day or night. Online shopping has not opening and closing period. It is operational anytime of the day.


  • Cost effective- Online shopping saves a person the expenses of travelling to different gallery stores to check out different arts, purchase and transport the galleries purchased to their respective destination. Through online portals, a person can select his desired art gallery from his/her comfort zone, pay for it and have them delivered to his/her doorstep.


There are many things a person needs to keep in mind before purchasing any original art online. They include:


  • Background- It is important to do a background check on the original art dealer. This criterion helps you confirm you are dealing with a genuine agency. As we know, there are many bogus online agencies which are after customers’ hard-earned-money. Alternatively; a person can ask around for the best agencies worth checking out.


  • Types of art- There are different varieties of arts. These arts are put together with the aid of a wide range of equipments. This criterion will help you narrow your toil in search for a perfect agency to transact with.


  • Mode of payment- Different online platforms has a different mode of payment. A person should always go for an art dealer who has the most convenient mode of payment.


  • Services- Art dealers offer a totally different form of services ranging from discounts to home delivery. A person should therefore, check out such services and select the agency with services that favors one.


  • Price- Original arts differ in terms of prices and the dealer selling the original art. Check out for the most affordable dealers that offer prices that you can comfortably afford. You can compare prices of different agencies by checking out various comparison sites.


The process of purchasing original artworks can be simpler when using online platforms.


Window Cleaning: Expert Help or DIY?

Cleaning your windows sounds simple. Get some water. Get a rag or cloth for wiping. Make some time, since this could take a while. It isn’t that hard, though it might wear on your arms if you’re not used to all the movement or sustaining it for extended periods.

Sure, you might run into hiccups due to stains caused by this or that. Sure, you should probably invest in some safety gear, particularly when all you have is a ladder.

However, is all of this really a big enough hassle that you should get professionals on the job? What advantages are there to hiring a pro to clean your windows, when you’re perfectly capable of doing it yourself?

Well, there are good reasons for getting a commercial window cleaning.

First, you’re saving your time. Like we said, cleaning your own windows can take a while. If you’re living in a home with a lot of them, you’re spending anywhere from five minutes to an hour per pane of glass. It all adds up.

You might not want to clear your weekend just for that. You’ve got better things to do, don’t you?

A window cleaning team will also be able to identify numerous problems.

In some cases, problems with windows are obvious. Mechanical parts fail so they don’t open properly. The screens don’t fit well. There’s wood rot. However, other times these are harder to spot, or you don’t know what you’re looking at.

A professional team can identify these. Once you know what’s wrong, you can get it fixed or replaced before it becomes a bigger issue.

Cleaning crews can also remove insect infestations. They’re not as common as some people make them seem, but wasp nests and the like can creep up on your windows and be hard to get rid of.

The use of the right cleaning materials, as well as good old-fashioned professional thoroughness, means that the windows are going to last longer. They’re properly maintained and any stains or residue that could cause damage over time is removed or cleaned off.

A professional team also has the right tools and cleaning supplies. They might have cleaning products that aren’t available to the average consumer. They have chemicals that can clean glass and remove old stains without damaging the windows.

Window cleaning companies also know what products not to use on specific windows. For example, ammonia-based cleaning agents can do more harm than good. Some cleansers should not be used on certain types of glass.

As you can see, there are numerous potential advantages to hiring professional window cleaning teams. However, there is the drawback of cost. Some are cheap, some are expensive, but no one does windows for free.

If there’s no room in the budget for a professional job, there’s no room in the budget. You can’t very well cut out money for utilities or food just to clean the windows. In these cases, you’re better off freeing up some time to do a quick cleaning but still consider a professional job later on.

Getting Your Kitchen Remade

Do you have a kitchen? Chances are, you probably do. Most homes, apartments, and others have some sort of kitchen setup. It might be a full-spec one or it could be something as small as a table with an induction cooker with a sink somewhere nearby.


You’re probably thinking that you don’t need to renovate it. If you can do your work and the kitchen is still functional, why bother, right? The function is more important than form in this case. Well, think again.


If you can afford it – because it’s important that you can – there are three very good reasons to renovate your kitchen.


First, there’s always a time in every home’s life when a remodelling becomes integral. Things break down. Things become outdated. Sometimes, you just need to make changes for one reason or another. If you’re doing this, you might as well update the critical areas like the kitchen.


A sad fact is that a kitchen tends to become outdated fast. If you’re using a kitchen as an entertainment area and want to keep up with trends (or don’t have a timeless classic look), you’ll be renovating things. Everything, from the doors to the appliances, will be changed at some point.


A design or choice of a cabinet that was chic and in-style a decade ago is now old, busted. Certain cabinets or appliances are no longer in vogue. Styles change a lot more often for kitchens.


You can either remodel regularly to keep up, or you can go for an alternative. You can choose to have a remodel that dwells on the classics, the designs and materials that remain timeless. It may not be trendy, but it’s beautiful and functional and keeps you from looking cheap or rundown.


Kitchens tend to be hot spots of activity.


Think about it. All the food and the aromas are there. It’s the sort of place where people will congregate. In modern kitchens, it’s more than just where the food is prepared. It is also a place where people are entertained.


Keeping the kitchen updated, friendly, and modern is a great way to adapt to these circumstances. Making it roomy, well-lit, and welcoming can do wonders for your mood as you cook, or whenever you’re entertaining guests.


Kitchens see a lot of use. Other than the bathroom, you’re more likely to put no other room through its paces more than the kitchen.


It sees serious use on a daily basis. In some instances, between the heat and the appliances, the sinks and the work being done, there’s always something going on in there. This means that every surface, every corner, is getting worn down by something.


And this is all before you factor in stains.


Remodeling a kitchen can be a great way to breathe new life into it, to make it feel new and welcoming again. It doesn’t need to be a major overhaul, but just enough to clean up and change a few things. Make it feel new and fresh, and it can add a lot of value to the home.

The Art of Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning a carpet is an art. Like any art, there’s a lot of things you have to learn to keep out of your conscious thoughts, but still, understand. Much like gesture in sketching the human body or contrast when choosing colours, there are things about carpet cleaning you must learn as you work.


So, with help from our friends from, we’re here to outline important terms in the art of carpet cleaning.


First, learn what blooming means. When carpet fibres begin to untwist, that’s what blooming is. This can happen due to the wrong heat in the environment, inadequate cleaning or maintenance, or just the wear and tear that occurs naturally.


Carpet tiles are a different type of carpet from wall to wall. These are individual squares, usually found in commercial settings. They’re very durable and robust in colour or texture. The design makes them easy to remove for maintenance, cleaning, or repair.


Crushing – sometimes known as matting – is when the fibres are bent or compressed. With time, all carpets end up crushed. A maintenance program can delay this, however.


When a carpet cleaning team speaks of a “denier,” they’re not thinking about the Biblical Thomas. What they’re talking about is the total amount of yarn per carpet area. A carpet with more denier has a higher thread count.


DEC means dirt encapsulation cleaning. It’s a way of cleaning carpets, usually requiring little moisture. It’s also proprietary, so not every cleaning company can use it.


Fibers are what the carpet is made of, no matter what material is used. Some of them will be synthetic fibres, while others are natural. Different fibres may warrant different cleaning methods and tools. Some cleansers might be too strong for wool, for instance, but work fine on nylon.


When high-traffic carpets get wear and tear or are damaged by poor cleaning methods, they fray. When this occurs, the fibres are damaged, and the texture can change.


Hot water extraction is the recommended cleaning process. This avoids damage to the carpet, as well as breaks down the soil and grime deep in the fibres.


A Maintenance Program is a schedule of cleaning and restoration that is done to carpeting. These are usually personalised, adjusted, so the specifics meet the needs of the carpet and the setting. These are meant for commercial buildings, office spaces, and other facilities.


Padding is the cushioning of the carpet, the layer sitting between the carpet itself and the floor.


A pile is the visible portion of the fibres. A pile reversal is when a high-traffic area causes the threads to bend in multiple directions. This is sometimes called shading.


Resilience is the ability to resist crushing.


Rippling is damage caused by humidity or heat. It usually causes a wave-like pattern to appear, and will often hit wall to wall carpeting. The easiest way to correct this is to call a contractor or a specialist, as this is an involved process best done by professionals.


We hope that this helps you figure out what various terms mean when you talk to your carpet cleaner.

How to overcome fears on Teleseminars

Teleseminars are ending up increasingly famous, particularly because of the ascent in the quantity of system advertising wanders. Notwithstanding, facilitating one of these teleseminar sessions is an entire distinctive story. A few people are very ready and anxious to have the capacity to have their session and truly are very fit for keeping up their audience’s abilities to focus. In any case, there are a few people who have certain feelings of dread about facilitating a teleseminar session.


The principal fear is that you truly don’t have much anything deserving of being stated, otherwise called “I don’t have anything to state (wear), despite the fact that I have an entire mind (storage room) brimming with mastery, thoughts, and business sensibilities (dresses, skirts and shirts, or suits).”


Indeed, everyone has something worth saying. In the event that there would one say one is message you would share about your organization, or your business opportunity, by and large, what might you say at that point? Regardless of the possibility that you need to get contribution from other individuals, who I’m certain have their own conclusions and thoughts, don’t hesitate to utilize them. There is continually a comment stated, and, regularly, it should be said.


The second dread is that you are awfully apprehensive that somebody will judge you. Maybe you have a troublesome highlight for some to get it. Maybe you articulate words uniquely in contrast to most others do. Maybe you utilize slang articulations. Maybe your data is as of now known in your business circle, or the general population may definitely hear what you’re saying regardless. Maybe, and to top it all off, your audience members won’t not in any case like you!


Not every person tuning in to you will be your optimal work accomplice in any case, so disregard that. Not every person will concur with all that you say. Indeed, some will judge you as per all conduct of uncalled for belief systems. You won’t think about their differences and aversions at any rate, and you surely don’t need to respond to it. Whatever you can do in a teleseminar is basically your best occupation. Give them great substance, ideally superior to simply great, and I’m certain that many will welcome the data and will think significantly more exceptionally of you for displaying it.


Teleseminars and their partner online classes can truly help truly enhance your business. They’re not in the least costly to oversee, and they can achieve 10s, 100s, and even 1000s of individuals at any given moment! Also, they can enable you to get all the more fiscally fruitful. What’s to stress over that?

Getting a Bathroom For You!

You have a bathroom.


Of course, your home has a bathroom. It’s one of those things that is a biological necessity, and even the lowest of the low-end places will have something resembling a bathroom available. If not, you’ll want to look elsewhere, because a hole in the ground just will not do.


However, if you own your own home and are looking to make it feel “yours,” you’re probably thinking of remodelling the place. You could leave your bathroom out of it, but why? It’s just as personal space as the bedroom and deserves to have a little attention given to it.


So with that in mind, how do you make your bathroom feel like it’s yours and not some generic white-tile affair that’s typical in every new home?


Take a moment and consider the space first. This is crucial before you go into any extravagant plans.


You need to consider something like how space will be used. Is it going to be yours or for parents, or will children and toddlers be included? How many people do you want it to accommodate at once? What storage do you want? Will it just be for cleaning, or do you plan to do make-up in there?


Once you have answers to the above, you can customise. One way to do it is to alter the colour scheme.


Yes, you’ll probably get a white-tile, primary-colours affair at first. Consider changing that so it reflects what you like, or what the colours of the rest of the home are like. A different colour scheme can do wonders for personalising the space, even if you decide to keep the same layout.


If you want to go a step further, consider installing a theme.


Note that going with a theme can be more expensive, especially if you want everything to play within that theme. Think of things like “rustic outdoors” or “smooth curves and minimalist design.” Not just the walls, but everything will play into it.


You’d need to re-paint or even re-do the walls and flooring. You’ll have to pick materials for cabinets and amenities that match. It’d look out of place to have a white toilet bowl in a rustic bathroom that’s almost entirely faux-wood, wouldn’t it?


Think about the style and size of the cabinet. A large cabinet can have an impact beyond its function, just as a smaller one would.


There’s also the little things that you have to consider.


What form and shape do things like onboard storage take? Do you want the shower to be walk-in or its enclosure? Are you the sort that likes to have water-proof stickers, adding a little accent to the look?


Finally, have you thought about lighting at all?


Sure, you can keep the light as it is now. You can also take a moment and change it, whether to suit your new theme or to add a personal touch. I’ve seen someone attempt to achieve a disco ball effect, since their bathroom wasn’t a vanity, for instance.


For more ideas, I suggest you visit site.

Step by step instructions to Brief Your Copywriter


Get your venture off to a flying begin by giving clear directions, guaranteeing a decent quality initially draft and sparing heaps of to-ing and fro-ing.


Fundamental data


Tell your copywriter the:


  • Organization’s name and contact subtle elements


  • due dates for first and only duplicate


  • nature of your business and administrations.


About the undertaking


Give a short depiction of the task and say what organize the duplicate will show up in (a leaflet, a site and so forth).


The motivation behind the Copywriting


Clarify what you need the duplicate to accomplish whether it’s business, gifts or to educate individuals.


The group of onlookers


It is basic that your copywriter tailors their work to your group of onlookers so you have to give some key data eg. resigned ladies in the vicinity of sixty and eighty with loads of extra cash and a lot of recreation time.


Your image identity


Brief your copywriter about your image’s special identity. For example, is your tone talkative and amicable? Innovative and inventive? Definitive without being stuffy?


Discover why copywriting is vital to conveying your image personality:

House style


Furnish your copywriter with a house style control in the event that you have one. This is an arrangement of tenets which manage how all composed correspondence must be designed. The guide may detail the textual style and size, how the content ought to be supported, particular utilization of accentuation, spelling decisions eg. ‘ise’ or ‘ize’, et cetera.


Diagram the substance


Your activity is to advise your copywriter what you need to state, and your copywriter’s activity is to choose how best to state it. You may give a visual cue rundown of the key messages you need to impart. Feature the most imperative point on this rundown. Detail a specific expressions or words that you need the copywriter to utilize and indicate the word check.


Suggestion to take action


Would could it be that you need your gathering of people to do after they’ve perused your correspondence? For instance, do you need them to buy something or to join to get additional data? Ensure your copywriter knows about your objective.




Will the duplicate go with pictures? Clarify how the pictures and duplicate must connection together and discuss any subtitles that you need to incorporate.


One last point


It’s critical to stretch that the duty regarding making a reasonable brief rests with the copywriter and in addition the customer. Proficient copywriters won’t compose a word until the point that they are clear about their customer’s prerequisites and they will make any important inquiries to ensure they get it.

Anna Mason Art

I joined an online school a couple of months ago in order to learn how to better paint botanical subjects. One thing I’ve discovered I love painting and drawing and colouring is birds. I’ve always loved birds and since I also love bright colours, they are the perfect subject. Anna Mason is brilliant at painting, with watercolour yet, botanical subjects. I’ve learned so much through doing the tutorials that my paintings, not only with birds but even my landscapes, have become so much better.

This month Anna Mason chose my painting of a little field mouse as the painting of the month at the school. What an honour. I’ve been working so hard this last year to learn how to draw and paint. It’s thrilling to have this kind of validation.

I’m working on another painting at the moment of a little robin. It is so much fun to work on not only making it look realistic but to get the character of the bird to show through the painting. I think it’s working out pretty well with this one as he looks pretty cheeky to me.

If you’d like to learn how to paint realistic botanicals yourself, then check out Anna Mason’s school. The cost is minimal but the skills learned are priceless. If you’d like to see more of my art, check out my Instagram Feed.